Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Welcome to the sisters' halaqa blog which aims to give an insight into our weekly local sisters classes. The intention behind the exposure is to inspire others to take the same route and form a group with the aim to progress as an entity in society by becoming the ideal muslimah, inwardly and outwardly. By delivering brief reminders and ending with a subtle take home exercise to practice and implement as part of our daily 'busy' lives, it provides the method in which we can slowly, but surely change as an ummah. With the 'by-product' of creating a unified and loving sisterhood.

Each week a topic will be discussed of importance to the sister delivering the message and notes posted on the blog. The take home exercise (THE) will be included with the purpose behind it linking back to the reminder - eventually acts will become habitual and the knowledge gained from the halaqa will be followed by action - as this is the way of the sunnah, in which knowledge (ilm) will not benefit without action.

InshAllah may these virtues be a reminder for all of us, in our continued struggle to implement them in our lives.


*Opening Dua
*Establish how everyone implemented Previous T.H.E.
*30 mins Talk delivered by a sister in turn on a chosen topic.
*15 mins open discussion with the group, including feedback and criticism.
*Take Home Exercise noted. (See Table in Resources)
*Closing Dua.

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breeze79 said...

sister this seems to be a very good idear and should be done in every household were we can find our mothers, sisters, daughter, strivng to learn and implement the deen of Allah SWT and educate the ummah.
"each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock A woman is is the shepherd in the house of her husband and is responsible for her flock" bukhari and muslim