Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ramadhaan 27.08.10

My people have been blessed with 5 special favours in Ramadhaan:

1. The breath of a fasting person is better than the fragrance of musk.
2. The angels pray for them.
3. Paradise is prepared for them.
4. The mischievious devils are chained.
5. The fasting people are forgiven. [Ahmed]

"All deeds of the son of Adam are increased in value from 10-700 times except for fasting, since it is for me alone, I shall reward my servant as I please." [Muslim]
- Allah's Mercy & generosity- Reap the rewards!

"The month of patience and reward for true patience is Jannah.
Month of sympathy with ones fellow men.
Whoever feeds a fasting person to break the fast @ iftaar, for him be forgivesness of his sins and emancipation from the hell-fire and reward is equal to fasting person without diminishing that persons reward." (Salman al-Farsi)

And four things you should endeavour to perform in great number, two of which are pleasing to your Lord and the other two shall be those you cannot do without.
1) Recite kalimah and seek forgiveness.
2) To ask for Jannah and seek refuge from Jahannam.

"Qur'an and fast will intercede: O lord! I stopped him from eating, drink and sexual activity throughout the day, Qu'ran will say 'O mighty Lord! I stopped him from the rest and sleep at nite so intercede for him ." [Muslim]

" Five prayers, from one Friday to the next and from one Ramadaan to the next are and atonement for a mans sins as long as he avoids the major sins." [ Muslim]

"Ar-Raiyan is a gate in paradise and those that observe (saum)fast will enter through it on the Day of Ressurection."

May the days be prolonged in this month,
May the nights witness our standings,
May you feel the ecstacy of Jannah,
and may this be our plea till the end of time.

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