Thursday, 5 June 2008

How to be the Happiest Ideal Muslimah!

A summary of what we should want to achieve by participaing in a halaqa.


to your beautiful smile, which send out love and friendship to others.
to your good words, which bulds lawful friendships and eliminates hatred.
to an accepted charity, which cheers the destitute and satisfies the hungry.
to a session of Quranic recitation with understanding and practice upon its meaning.
to countless supplications seeking Allah' Forgiveness with true repentance.
to raising your children in Islam, teaching them the sunnah with right guidance.
to observing modesty, as commanded by Allah (swt) to safeguard your dignity.
to the company of pious Muslim Women who fear Allah, love Islam and observe its teachings.
to piety towards parents, keeping good kinship, honouring the neighbours and caring for orphans.
to good education and useful reading of beneficial books.


to wasting one's life in trivialities, such as seeking revenge from others or indulging in irrelevant arguments.
to accumulating wealth over one's health, happiness, rest, an peace of mind.
to the focus on other people's mistakes and backbiting about them, while forgetting ones own faults.
to indulge in staisfying one's own whims and low desires.
to wasting of one's time with idle people and spending hours in fooling around.
to neglecting one's body and home in terms of purity and order.
to consuming prohibited alcoholic drinks and smoking.
to carelessness about the Hereafter and working towards it.
to wasting one's wealth in prohibited activities or in excess of lawful one's.

Source: How to become the Happiest woman in the World by Aidh ibn Abdullah Al Qarni

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