Friday, 13 June 2008

Take Home Exercises

These should be exercised on a weekly basis (or more), regularly to apply the knowledge gained from the halaqas, as ilm (knowledge) is nought without action. Eventually these will become habitual and part of your mannerisms/ lifestyle.[Updated Weekly]

*Recite/ Memorise/ Study Tafsir of the Last/ First 10 ayahs of Surah Al Kahf on Fridays (Jumuah) as a means for protection against Dajjal. (Topic - Dajjal)

*Recite 'Three Quls' Surahs 1 three times after Witr Salah and blow on your self with the right hand covering your whole body. (Topic - Jinns)

*Visit Ummah Welfare Trust website ( Choose a major project. As a group donate on a weekly basis a small amount until you collectively reach a goal. For example: Aim to fund a water well in Africa by next ramadaan. (Topic - Afghanistan)

*Make intention to go to 'Umrah. Contribute weekly to an 'My Umrah fund', so that when the opportunity arises, you are financially ready to make the trip. (Topic - 'Umrah)

*Seek sisters in the community who are in need of support, advice, sympathy, company, money, help in any way. (Topic - Unity)

*Weep out of love or fear of Allah. Finding a reason is the easy part! This will bring humility and numerable rewards. (Topic - Benefit of tears)

*Follow up a sin committed immediately with a good deed to balance the scales. Once the sin is acknowledge, repentance should be the automated response, followed by some action ASAP. E.g. Give charity, two rakah nawafil, call a long lost relative/ sister, etc - be creative! (Topic - Justice)

*Select a close friend/ relative and work with her, to support and encourage into wearing the islamic dress. Buy a hijaab/ jilbab or book about it as a gift. (Topic - Hijaab)

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