Tuesday, 15 July 2008

True Beauty is Good Character

Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, people need to stop trying to conform society’s expectations of what beauty is.

Rather they should be thankful for the unique "beautiful" image that has been given to them by Allah.[Quran Surat alTeen]

You cannot beautify yourself with anything better than good akhlaaq.

Who amongst us fasts every single day and prays every single night? Nobody. Yet, if we have good akhlaaq we can reach the level of the person who does this

“A person can reach the level of a person who prays all night and fasts all day just because of his good akhlaaq.”

A person who does not have good akhlaaq does not have strong eman. It is that simple. It does not matter what label or what status he assigns himself. It does not matter what he says or what he boasts about himself; if a person is coarse, arrogant, and vain, then this person is not a good Muslim. Even if he fasts and prays, he has not perfected his eman nor is his eman strong. Whereas the person who performs the minimum wajibaat, or what is obligatory upon him, and he is of good akhlaaq, then he is far better than a person who might pray more and fast more than him but his akhlaaq is bad. The Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam said:

“The people (or the Mu’mins) who have perfected their eman most perfectly, are those who are best in akhlaaq.”

And he also said in the same hadith:

“The best of you are those of you who are best to their wives.”

This is an important point to ponder over, why is it that the best of you are those who are best to their wives? It is because it is very easy to show good akhlaaq to your neighbor that you meet once a day, or to your coworker that you are with for a few hours every day, or to your relative that you meet once a year, or to any other person that you occasionally meet. It is very easy to show good akhlaaq to such people. But when you show good akhlaaq to your wife, the one you eat with, drink with, sleep with, and wake up with then you have really reached the height of perfection of good akhlaaq. Your wife is your life partner; she shares everything with you. The man is the one who is in charge of the woman as Allah subhaanahu wa ta ‘aala said. So when the man can show good akhlaaq to the one who is under him, his family and children, his wife and children, then this shows that he has reached the height of akhlaaq.

“The heaviest aspect, the heaviest matter [that will help a believer] that will be in the meezaan, on the scales on the Day of Judgment, is good akhlaaq.”

We pray that Allah subhaanahu wa ta ‘aala grants us knowledge, grants us akhlaaq to preach to and call to act upon that knowledge, resurrects us along with the Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam, grants us his shifaa’a, and grants us Jannah because of our deeds and because of the forgiveness of Allah.

May Allah help us to beautify ourselves with excellent akhlaaq, ameen.

Source: Yasir Qadhi www.khutbah.com

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